Shk. Husain bhai Zariwala
Head Moallim
M. Aliasger bhai Shahmalak
Husain bhai Bootwala
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Atfaal 9:15am-12:30pm
Ibtidaiya 9:15am-2:50pm
Awwala thru Aashera 9:15am-3:30pm
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Annual Schedule 2014-15:
Saturday Madrasa
Wednesday Madrasa

Attalim Website
Madrasa Rules
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Miqaat Ma'arefat

Important Dates

November 21st, 2015
New Year Begins--First Day of Classes
Results for last year/New Year Briefing


Site Update 11/24/2014

Annual Calendar has been updated for year 2014-15 and can be downloaded by clicking here

Quran links updated under Educational Resources in the side menu.

Awran Ta'abudaat Calendar has been added. All madrasa farzondo are to do Amal as per calendar and fill the Calendar. The Calendar can be downloaded and printed out for completion.

A section for Ta'abudaat Program has been added. There are three musabaqats (competitions) being held Madaris wide accross North America. Shahadat Imam Husain (sa), Madeh, and Hifzul Quran. All materials can be found here for preparing for the musabaqats.

A section containing informative audio on various Miqaats of the year has been added to the site. You can find it under Educational Resources.

A section to Listen to Juz Amma has been added under Educational Resources->Quraan->Juz Amma Audio. Here students can listen to the Surats and practice talaffuz and ahkaam.

A section to download course audio files have been added. Here you can download .zip files containing mp3 audio files for Tadreeb and Hifz ul Quraan.